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G.E.T, Mining & Construction, Agricultural, O.E.M, Marines, Oil & Gas
PRECISION CASTING Precision casting is a specialized casting technique used to cast complicated shape and objects. It includes casting,Ceramic Mold Casting, Die Casting, Lost-foam Casting. Investment Casting is the field that we deal with mainly.
SAND CASTING Sand Casting known as sand molded casting, is a metal casting process characterized by using sand as the mold material.It includes Furan resin sand casting & Precoated sand casting.
MACHINING CAPACITY Jig Tool design for machining.
Professional & Experienced machined workers.
Precise machining equipment: Four-axis Machining Center, CNC, Boring Mill,Grinder,Miller, Driller.
Professional engineers, skilled workers provide the expertise & know-how in cast design and quality control. Finished precision cast products are supplied to customers as designed requirement by Complete CNC machining equipment.
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